ClamXav Overview

When you launch ClamXav, you’ll be presented using the major window. It contains 5 main sections:

* Toolbar
Source List
* Infection
* Console
Position Region

The toolbar at the best of your window permits quick access to regularly performed actions – it could be customised from the See menu.

The supply checklist to the left hand side enables you to maintain a record of favourite items to scan.

The infection checklist around the upper correct hand facet shows particulars of any contaminated files discovered in the course of a scan.

The console area to the reduce appropriate from the window provides verbose output about what ClamXav is doing.

The position region is the bar in the quite bottom of your window. Originally, it displays the model of ClamXav as well as your current ClamAV scanning engine set up. It modifications in the course of a scan to indicate which file is currently becoming examined. To the correct of this is really a progress bar to present an indication of how several files in your variety are nonetheless waiting to be scanned.
1st Scan

* Make certain you’re connected to the web and click “Update Definitions” in the toolbar. ClamXav will attempt to connect to the ClamAV site to obtain and set up new Virus definitions contain all the data required to allow ClamXav to recognise viruses.virus definitions.
* Wait
till you see “Update Finished” seem inside the console region at the bottom from the window.
Select an merchandise to scan in the supply checklist on the left or click the plus (+) button in the bottom to add a various file or folder to the checklist. Alternatively, drag a file or folder into the window from the Finder to scan it instantly.
* Click the “Start Scan” button. A scan
may be aborted safely at any stage.

If an contaminated file is discovered, the identify of your file along with the name of your infection it contains will be shown in the “Infection List” within the best fifty percent of the window.
Dealing with Infected Files

If a file exhibits up in the Infection Listing, don’t be concerned. You will find numerous options avilable to you.

Select the infected file from the list and then go to the File menu » Infection Checklist and decide on 1 from the alternatives:

* Display Path
* Reveal in Finder
* Quarantine
* Delete

Be really cautious with the Quarantine and Delete choices as each of those will move the file on your hard disk. In the event the file in question is definitely an e mail or component of a mailbox, you possibly don’t desire to delete or quarantine it.

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