ClamXav Mac Antivirus: A Tool Protecting your Mac Folders

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When it comes to Mac OS X, virus and threats are not quite an issue because the operating system itself is less prone to viral attacks unlike the Windows system. But then if you want your system to be really protected you might as well have the best safeguard tool for your Mac system. When it comes to safeguarding your computers you can always rely on ClamXav Mac antivirus. What does it can offer to your Mac system?

ClamXav is a product line of Sentry that has the ability to protect you folders and files for any changes that will be made to its content. It is scanned directly by the application when the folder is added to the watched lists. Once the folder is already cleaned it does not need any action to be performed on your part. However, if the folder it infected, it gives you a warning on what to do with it and how you can resolve this problem.

How does it work?

The Mac antivirus software offers updating for any virus definitions easily and directly from the menu itself even if the application is not launch. Once it is actively watching certain folders, an icon of the ClamXav will appear in the menu bar. The icon menu will tell you of any changes that have been made. It will tell you what is the state of its operation such as any folders that are watched, process that had been stopped temporarily, looked for folders that have new additions, scanning process of new additions to the folders being watched and currently updating for newest and other virus definitions.

Software Functions:

The said application performs the following basic tasks:

1. Specifying the folders to watch:

Specify the folders that you want the application to watched. You can do this by selecting the Add/Remove Folders options found in the menu. Then the application will open the preferences option found at the Folder Sentry panel.

2. Stopping and Starting Watching:

Once the antivirus application is launched, it will then start watching for the folders that are specified under the preferences panel. If it has not yet define the folders to be watched, the menu color will turned to grey that indicates that it is doing nothing. The application will also offer an option either to quit it or open the preferences panel. You can also select the Stop Watching options if you want to suspend the action.

3. Aborting Scans:

If the scanning process it taking longer you can always have the option to abort the scanning process to prevent it from taking up the processor space and cycle. But always remember that in aborting the scanning process, this has no effect in other scans that are already in progress within the main application. This option will stop watching the folders.

This is what ClamXav Mac antivirus can do in protecting your files and folders in your Mac computers. You can get updated easily with the newest threats that might infect your folders and you can be assured anytime that your folders are safeguarded and well protected.

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