VirusBarrier vs. ClamXav Critique: You Choose

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It’s no longer the case that you are able to safely get by with out an antivirus program for Mac. Current converts from Windows might be shocked to locate just how several antivirus choices there are for Mac, including some which are available exclusively for Mac.

Two of probably the most prominent of these are ClamXav and Intego VirusBarrier X6. Both wholesale NFL jerseys are widely employed and recommended, but these are two really distinct applications, with diverse capabilities and massive differences in efficiency. Depending in your requirements like a user, wholesale NBA jerseys as well critique as your spending budget, you’ll most likely locate that one makes much a lot more sense for the presupuesto purposes than the other.

The fundamentals

Intego VirusBarrier X6 runs on Mac OS X 10.5 and up. It will run on PowerPC or Intel processors, even though you’ll require Mac OS X ten.6 or higher (Snow Leopard) so that you can run VirusBarrier on an Intel-based machine. VirusBarrier demands 40 MB of challenging disk area, creating it quite little to get a commercial package deal. It is possible to get a minimum of two licenses for $49.95 US, with a 5-license bundle offered for $69.95.

ClamXav will run on Mac OS X 10.three.x, 10.4.x, and 10.5.x. There’s also a beta version cheap NFL jerseys currently obtainable for Snow Leopard. It runs on PowerPC-based Macs. ClamXav is also really modest when it cheap NBA jerseys comes to challenging disk usage. ClamXav is freeware, although it should be noted that it’s quite simple to get tech assistance for it due to an lively neighborhood.


VirusBarrier is similar to any commercial providing when it comes to all round protection. It protects not only in opposition to viruses, but additionally versus other types of malware, which includes spyware. VirusBarrier also detects threats according to internal algorithms, monitoring suspicious behaviour by apps in your Mac, to ensure that even though something isn’t wholesale mlb jerseys defined like a virus, if it’s acting like a virus and in danger of harming your personal computer, VirusBarrier will stop it from performing so.

ClamXav is strictly an antivirus plan. Its definitions are up to date daily, which means you will not need to be concerned about obtaining from date although it’s a totally free plan. Even so, all round, VirusBarrier will get the nod in terms of protection.


VirusBarrier runs very easily, even when everything is automated. Automatic scans do not sluggish down your personal computer, though total manual scans will take up a decent chunk of program sources.

ClamXav, alternatively, is really sluggish, busca and you won’t be able to do something else whilst it’s scanning. VirusBarrier is clearly a lot greater within this respect.

Ease of Use

VirusBarrier is comparatively simple to use. Nevertheless, it does possess a relatively odd interface which can be as opposed to most Mac packages, so it might be difficult to determine initially. Once you receive it going, although, VirusBarrier Must more or less requires care of by itself.

ClamXav’s interface is straightforward and clean, but some issues are much more tough to locate than they needs to be. Scheduling scans can be a chore with ClamXav, and you’ve got to setup a quarantine folder yourself if you’d like to make use of one. Both applications are simple sufficient to make use of on the fundamental degree, but VirusBarrier is easier to obtain probably the most from, total.


VirusBarrier can be a compensated program and as these kinds of one would possibly anticipate far more from it, and it delivers. ClamXav will shield your computer, however it can be inconvenient. It’s adequate as being a free program, but if you’re prepared to shell out for an antivirus plan for the Mac, VirusBarrier is superior in practically each way.

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